Corporate Speaker

How do you turn your negative reality into a positive alternative?

Speaking Topics

  • You Can Make It, No Matter How You Are Different
  • When People Use Their Own Voices, Their Impact Endures Over Time
  • Ignoring Homelessness and Human Needs of Your Clients Is Not Accidental; It Requires Intentional Effort
  • Never Settle
  • What Does It Mean to Swim Upstream?

  • List of aspects of swimming upstream.
Smiling Ashton Smith, with long black dreds, emphasizing a point with his right hand, wearing a royal blue suit and vest, white shirt, white hat, large silver belt buckle, and headphones.

Public Speaking Sampler

Who is your audience? What do they need to learn, hear, and see, so that they'll confidently know to keep swimming upstream in their own lives?
Ashton Smith engages with many different audiences!

We Are Responsible For Our Lives

We Come to God As We Are, Right Now

Prayer and Song

The Goal is God

IPSSA Water Safety Ad

Coming Soon!

Trinity Metro

Ashton Smith sponsors and serves
the customers of the Trinity Metro bus stop
located at Race and Savannah Streets
in Fort Worth, Texas.

Photo of Ashton Smith holding a sign that says, 'Trinity Metro. This stop adopted and maintained by Ashton Smith'


Over time, Ashton Smith's achievements and messaging have brought value to the below brands.

How would your brand benefit from her achievements and messaging?

  • Waxahachie YMCA, Ellis County, Texas
  • Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, Inc.
  • TAG Talks, Dallas, Texas
  • Community Food Bank, Fort Worth, Texas
Two posters from Ashton Smith's sponsors, Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, Inc. and TAG Talks. The TAG Talks poster says that Ashton will speak from August 31 to September 2 in Dallas, Texas.

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